Creative Strategy

Bridget works with you to understand your target audience, define what call to action you need and create goal-orientated content.
Meriam Ahari
I’ve done several shoots with Nicole & the team, and she is one of my favourite producers to work with thanks to her professionalism and amicable disposition. Whenever she’s involved, I can rest assured that everything will run smoothly according to the brief and the job will be completed in a timely manner - always anticipating our needs. Providing edits before we even ask for them. I would confidently recommend them for any job.

Meriam Ahari - Editor - Strong Women

Branded Video

Your branded content should feel 100% you! We pull together the look, the location and the story to promote you at your most vibrant. Our brand videos are nothing short of the essence of you and what you do, just through the camera.
Scott Nelson
Nicole is someone I can trust to take a project off my hands and give it back exactly as briefed, without any difficulties or misunderstanding. A natural problem-solver and strong communicator, she is uniquely talented and understands the production process from end-to-end. Most importantly, she understands how we speak to our audiences and how they consume our content. This is reflected constantly in their terrific work

Scott Nelson - Head of Video - Stylist Magazine

Editorial Content

Beautifully curated narrative and thought provoking interviews are the foundation of our editorial offering. We work to subtly engage and inform, allowing the story to take focus.
Will Savage
Nicole has a unique skill as a talented director who is also an expert in ‘real people’ casting and able to take the lead from a production perspective, building a team out around her. This results in creatively stand out work, with unique human stories at its core, delivered in a way that makes the most of our modest content budgets, adding ideas, positivity and enthusiasm end-to-end

Will Savage - Content Partner - Nonsense London

Social Content

We create fun, dynamic, eye catching video content to help you step up your social media game. This is where our passion for creativity really shines, producing incredibly shareable, attention grabbing videos that succinctly deliver your call to action.
Sarah Ellis
We really appreciate and enjoy working with Nicole and her team. Her commitment and care throughout the video production process is brilliant. She listens to what's important to us, continually adapts and the end result never fails to impress (which is why we work with her so much!)

Sarah Ellis, Co-founder Amazing If

Corporate & Internal Video

We work seamlessly within your in house style to achieve a look and feel that emulates your company values. Whether customer, client or employee facing, our work will perfectly compliment all your other materials.
I always look forward to Nicole’s shoots. As a freelance crew member I always feel valued - Nicole gets a call sheet out sooner than anyone, feeds us well and always pays on time. She ensures a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone and the shoots are invariably an enjoyable experience with a great bunch of people.

Naomi Hancock, 1st AC

Post Production

Amazing footage is important, but what you do with it is vital to telling your brand's story. Our post production team craft the edit, curate the sound and style the grade for maximum impact.